A shed of Doors

I was given a pile of old doors. Some exterior and some interior.

a pile of shed doors

I had no use at the time for a pile of doors, so I decided I would build a shed with them.

The interior doors weren’t a problem for an exterior structure, as a thick coat of paint over the outside would weather proof everything.

Anyway, I made an awesome shed and it is now in queue for me to do all the plans and instruction to share.

And note: The same technique can be used for other types of panel sheets for the wall. Doors can be expensive. I was lucky enough to get a pile for free.

This is the rundown:

I started by making a plate for the doors to site on.

a plate for the shed wall panels to sit on

Then I began to stand and join the doors and continues around the plate (from hereon in I will refer to the doors as the shed wall panels) leaving an opening for the opening doors.

Shed wall panels commenced

Shed wall panels around the bottom plates

Then I trimmed the tops of the wall panels to make a fall to the back.

Then the roof out of the same panels.

Shed roof panels put on

And finally, the doors.

Shed doors put in

All in all a super shed and it has been well used. A simple enough project and I will post the dimensions and instructions online and how I made the floor.