Affiliate Program Introduction

What is an affiliate?

In regards to this website

An affiliate is a person who signs up (registers) in order to sell/promote Les Kenny’s woodworking plans for a commission.
In this case a 50% profit share of every sale generated by the affiliate.

How does an affiliate sell/promote the plans?

An affiliate would promote the plans from their own website or social media platform. The affiliate should have a following of some sort, or a way to reach people as a prerequisite.

The affiliate would host creatives (relative pictures, text) of the product they wish to promote in their website or social media platform. Each creative links back that particular products’ sales page in this website.

There is a unique ID in the link code (referral link) that tracks and records all movement and actions.

How does an affiliate know if they make a sale or if their creative/s show interest?

Once registered, an affiliate has access to their private affiliate area where they can view all stats including visits and sales.

How does an affiliate know how much money they have made?

Simply by logging in to their affiliate area, an affiliate can see all relevant data in real time.

How and when does an affiliate get paid?

How: Affiliates get paid from Paypal account (mine) to Paypal account (yours) for simplicity.

When: Earnings will paid upon request. Simply request your earning and I will commence the payment process (from Paypal account to Paypal account) as soon as possible. Requests cannot be made more than once a week.

What if I want different creatives to what is offered in the affiliate area?

No problems. I can make custom creatives for you.
Obviously I want you to do well so in return I do well.

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