8×8 Gazebo with a bar – woodwork plans


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A wooden gazebo with a bar for a spa

Downloadable plans with step-by step instructions and pictures.

Made out of standard size rough wood, inexpensive to build, and looks awesome!

This is a rustic looking square gazebo with a pyramid style roof and a skylight on the apex. It has a very solid bar along one side. It is constructed out of rough wood (before the wood has been planed, dressed, etc) and is well suited placed amongst trees and plants in a bush-like setting.

The downloadable file has 19 pages plans, instructions, drawings, and photos.

It is 8ft (2400mm) square with an overall height of 110-1/4″ (2800mm) and a clearance of 80-3/4″ (2050mm) from the ground to the lowest part of the roof.

It was made to house a 251 US gallon (950 litre) family spa 79-1/2″ (2020mm) square by 30″ (760mm) high, but it dose not have to be only for a spa, there can be plenty of other uses for it.

It consists of 4″x4″ (100mm x 100mm) corner posts, 2″x4″ (50mm x 100mm) and 2″x3″ (50mm x 75mm) roof framing, and 1″x6″ (25mm x 150mm) roof boards with a plastic glass skylight.
All the wood is rough sawn and the sizes are common and should be obtainable in most places.

It has a skylight but that is really optional.

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