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Downloadable plans and step-by-step build instructions with plenty of pictures.

This sturdy planter box on wheels with a screen frame can be easily moved about to make a private area practically anywhere on your deck or in your yard.
The box is 35″ (890mm) long by 16″ (400mm) wide by 23″ (583mm) high. From the ground to the top of the screen frame is around 6ft (1800mm) high – depending on the height of the wheels, but of course the plants could go higher than that to give more screen.
It is easy to make, and the complete planter and screen frame can be made out of 4 pieces of 2×8 (50x200mm) lumber 8ft (2440mm) long, and one piece of 1×6 (25x150mm) lumber 6ft (1800mm) long.
Make two or three of these to create a cosy private area.

All measurements are given in both Standard inches and Metric (mm).

Shopping list

4 pieces of 2×8 (50x200mm) lumber @ 8ft (2440mm) long.
1 piece of 1×6 (25x150mm) lumber @ 6ft (1800mm) long for the floor boards.
3 only 1/2″ (12mm) diameter rods or round wood @ 29″ (735mm) long.
30 of 6″ (150mm) galvanised structural or bugle head screws and 10 of 4″ (100mm) screws
20 of 3-1/2″ (90mm) galvanised nails
4 only swivel castors with brakes. Note: I used 75mm, 50kg castors, that gives the planter box a capable loading of 200kg.

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