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Instant PDF download. Build plans for a wood brick wishing well with a working drum winding winch, bucket, and brushwood roof.

The wishing well stands nearly 4ft (1200mm) high and its octagonal shape has a diameter of 2ft (600mm).

Great detail on how to make the wood brick wall.

This is a digital product. The downloadable PDF file contains 17 pages of plan drawings, pictures, and step-by-step instructions.

The well’s wall can be made out of off-cuts, i.e., left over or short pieces of wood cut into “wood bricks”. Each brick being 10-5/8″ (270mm) long and angled back each end.
The wall consists of seven layers of bricks – each layer consisting of eight bricks forming an octagon. The layers are placed on top of one another in stretcher bond fashion, i.e., a staggered overlapping of the “wood bricks”.

It is made out of 2×3 (50 x75mm) blocks (wood bricks) for the wall, and the rest is made from 1″ (25mm) thick board.
It has a working winch all made from 1″ (25mm) thick board. The winch comprises of a drum, spindle, and winding handle.

The roof is a 45 degree pitched roof and covered (in this case) with brushwood but various coverings can be applied.

Wood you will need

2×3 (50x75mm): 56 pieces @ 10-5/8″ (270mm) for the wood bricks
2×2 (50x50mm): 4 pieces @ 17-5/8″ (448mm)
Everything else can be cut or ripped out of 3 only 1×6 (25x150mm) boards @ 6ft (1800mm) long.

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