Camoda Stick Chair Plans




A DIY Camoda wood slat folding chair – easy to build and inexpensive.

Downloadable plans with 19 pages of plan drawings, step-by step instructions and heaps of construction pictures. The measurements are in both standard and metric.

The chair is a low, comfortable chair, that does not need a side table. You can quite easily reach your cup of tea or glass of beer on the ground.
The chair can be folded up in one easy movement and stored or placed somewhere until needed.

The chair parts are held together solely with wire threaded through holes.

The construction process basically involves 4 easy steps.
1. Cutting the pieces to length (and rounding the ends – optional)
2. Drilling two 6mm holes through each piece THROUGH THE WIDE FACE OF THE WOOD.
3. Stacking the pieces methodically with wire thread through the holes.
4. Securing the ends of the wire.

Easy peasy – just follow the steps with loads of pictures.

There are plan drawings of every piece giving the dimensions and hole placement measurements.


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