DIY Manual for a Trendy Hall Tree and Storage Bench


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Craft Your Own Multi-Purpose Entryway Bench with Customizable Back Panels

This DIY venture introduces a highly versatile and functional entryway bench with replaceable back panel options.

The downloadable PDF document comprises 41 pages containing blueprints, illustrations, photographs, material prerequisites, cutting inventories, and thorough, step-by-step assembly guidelines.

The document is divided into four segments: 1. The hinged bench, 2. The armrests, 3. The back support. 4. The rear structure, also referred to as a ‘hall stand’ or ‘hall tree.’

You possess the freedom to shape a hinged bench with a backrest, offering a convenient spot for shoe storage and a comfortable spot to sit while putting them on. Alternatively, you can assemble a hinged bench with a rear structure, ideal for hanging jackets, scarves, bags, and umbrellas. Transitioning between these two arrangements is a breeze—simply insert your choice into the designated ‘slot’ at the rear of the bench.

This compact assembly provides ample practicality in either setup. The storage compartment of the bench is intentionally shallow, measuring just 11″ (280 mm), effectively preventing shoe clutter and ensuring that every pair remains within easy reach. Additionally, the hall stand design features hooks for hanging jackets, scarves, hats, and umbrellas, along with a designated area for a mirror.


The hinged bench (excluding the armrests):
Length: 35″ (890 mm) x Width: 16-7/8″ (429 mm) x Height: 21-1/2″ (547 mm).

Including the backrest:
Length: 35″ (890 mm) x Width: 16-7/8″ (429 mm) x Height: 40″ (1016 mm).

With the rear structure:
Length: 35″ (890 mm) x Width: 16-7/8″ (429 mm) x Height: 70-3/4″ (1797 mm).

Each section features a separate list of materials and a cutting guide, simplifying the process of assembling any specific section. For instance, you might prefer to construct the hinged bench solely for use as an entryway storage or boot bench. You might opt for the same design but with a backrest, or you might choose the hinged bench with the attached hall stand. Various possibilities are at your disposal.

Throughout the project, measurements and dimensions are furnished in both imperial (inches) and metric (millimeters) units for your convenience.

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