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SPECIAL: Four most popular outdoor woodwork build plans for the price of one

Build plans for a Folding Picnic Table, An Adirondack chair, A strong 6 seater picnic table, and A Kentucky stick chair (Camoda chair). Four great downloads for the price of one. All plans have plan drawings, pictures, and step-by-step building instructions in easy PDF downloadable file.

Build plans 1 of 4: FOLDING PICNIC TABLE

folding picnic table build plans
25 pages. How to build a 4 seater Folding Picnic Table that folds back to a 2 seater bench seat.

This is a new design and it has a wider tabletop that all the previous versions.

A perfect size for a small patio or deck area, when the table is not in use – fold it back into a bench seat and put it against a wall.

The tabletop is 23 3/4″ (605mm) wide and 51 1/2″ (1310) long.

The height is 31 1/2″ (800mm) and overall width is 52″ (1320mm) in picnic table mode


Adirondack chair
Nice and light, easy to build, inexpensive, and looks nice!

16 pages of plan drawings, step-by step instructions and pictures. The measurements are in both standard and metric.

This is the most lightweight Adirondack chair that I have made and is also probably the easiest to build. The back-rest is not curved like most of the traditional Adirondack chairs but that does not noticeably take any of the comfort aspect away however it does make for an ‘easier to build’ chair.

6 pieces of 3/4″ x 5-1/2″ (19 x 140 mm) wood that are 6ft (1800mm) long is all the wood you will need to make the chair.

There is a drawing showing you how to cut all the pieces out of the six boards.

The wood is a common stock size so you should not have too much trouble obtaining it.


six seater picnic table
Downloadable plans with step-by step instructions and pictures.

A good solid picnic table, easy to make.

It is 6 1/2ft (2000mm) long and made from 2 x 6 (50 x150 mm) stock.

You wont break this one.

The downloadable file includes Materials list, Cutting detail, plan drawings, step-by-step building instructions, and photos.


kentucky slat chair
Downloadable plans with 19 pages of plan drawings, step-by step instructions and heaps of construction pictures. The measurements are in both standard and metric.

The chair is a low, comfortable chair, that does not need a side table. You can quite easily reach your cup of tea or glass of beer on the ground.

The chair can be folded up in one easy movement and stored or placed somewhere until needed.

The chair parts are held together solely with wire threaded through holes.

The construction process basically involves 4 easy steps.

1. Cutting the pieces to length (and rounding the ends – optional)

2. Drilling two 6mm holes through each piece THROUGH THE WIDE FACE OF THE WOOD.

3. Stacking the pieces methodically with wire thread through the holes.

4. Securing the ends of the wire.

All four plans for the price of one

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