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Downloadable plans with step-by step instructions and pictures.

This is an hexagonal shaped hanging birdhouse with a pyramid style roof.
The plan instructions will take you through the complete process of making this birdhouse, step-by-step. The job basically involves cutting all the pieces and gluing them together.
Some tricky compound angles are required. You will see how to cut them to make a perfect fit.

Materials you will need

● 1800mm (6ft) length of 140×19 (3/4″ x 5-1/2″) wood.
● 19mm (3/4″) dowel (round wood) about 100mm (4″) long.
● Piece of 9mm (3/8″) thick plywood, 250mm (10″) square.
● 12 blocks of wood for holding the pieces together while the glue sets.
● 3m (10ft) long of 6mm (1/4″) macrame type exterior rope.
● 6 screws for the base, 12 nails to hold the blocks in place while the glue dries.
● A good exterior glue.

Tools you will need:

A compound miter saw, measuring tape, pencil, hammer, sandpaper, drill and bits.

This birdhouse is approximately 225mm (9″) high, and 265mm (10-1/2″) wide at its widest point.
It has a hexagonal shape with a hexagonal pyramid roof.

The build basically entails simply cutting all the pieces (roof and wall pieces) according to the instructions.
Then gluing the sides of all the pieces and holding them in place with holding blocks until the glue dries.

Then gluing the roof to the wall, and when that has set – drilling the rope holes and threading the rope.

And finally, screwing the base (floor) to the walls.

And then hang it up

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