Modular batten-top table with matching seats plans


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Downloadable plans and instructions for a 6ft x 3ft (1800mm x 900mm)
Modular batten-top table with matching seats.

All length measurements in this project are given in both inches (standard) and metric (mm)

The tabletops can be made with different configurations within the same construction methodology. The various tabletop patterns can be swapped, therefore being modular and interchangeable.

This article takes you through the making of one particular style and size table and seat. Once that is mastered the same method of construction can be used on any of the seat/table sizes or configurations shown throughout the content.

In short, the tabletop consists of rows of battens separated by spacers and held together with rod threaded through the battens and the spacers. Washers and nuts at each end of the rod hold it together.

The rod used in this case is 1/2″ (12mm) threaded rod, but 3/8″ (10mm) would also do.

The three lumber sizes used for this project are 2 x 2in (50 x 50mm) for the tabletop and seat tops, 2 x 3in (50 x 75mm) for the seat frame, and 2 x 4in (50 x 100mm) for the table frame.
That is the nominal size given so the actual size will be less. A ‘near enough’ size lumber can also be used.

There is not an overall material total given as this article leaves it open for a myriad of options.

This file has loads of drawings, plans, and pictures. And also a couple of techniques that could well come in handy.

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