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Build plans for a 6ft x 8ft (1800 x 2400mm) sturdy barn style greenhouse-potting shed with a roof vent.

The plans are for a very solid gambrel roof structure made out of 2×4 (50x100mm) framing covered with a mixture of greenhouse film and solid wall and boasting a two piece stable door.

The plans include a design for a Dutch door (stable door or half door) which is is a door split in the middle to allow the top half to open while the bottom half remains shut.

The downloadable PDF file contains 35 pages of plan drawings, pictures, materials and cutting detail, a step-by-step construction guide, and some helpful information.

In essence the project is an awesome designed frame covered with greenhouse film and wall boards, and incorporating a stable (half) door and a roof vent.

This is the Table of Contents in the Downloadable 35 page PDF File
Page 01 Cover
Page 02 Table of Contents
Page 03 A gaggle of notes (Read Me)
Page 04 A pictorial overview of the steps
Page 05 PLANS: Wall frames & footprint with stud layout
Page 06 PLANS: Frame & roof vent opening
Page 07 PLANS: Wall siding
Page 08 Step 1: Make up the perimeter base
Page 09 Step 2: Make up the wall frames
Page 10 Step 3: Assemble the wall frames
Page 11 Step 4: Add the beams, blocking, and bracing to complete the frame
Page 12 With the frame finished, some covering initiatives
Page 13 step 5: Paint time for treated wood
Page 14 step 6.1: The front wall cladding
Page 15 step 6.2: The left side wall cladding
Page 16 step 6.3: The back wall cladding
Page 17 step 6.4: The right side wall cladding
Page 18 step 7: Add a floor if you want one
Page 19 step 8: Make and hang the door
Page 20 step 8.1: Cut and rebate the door frame
Page 20 step 8.2: Assemble the door frame
Page 21 step 8.3: Fix the door panels & shelf
Page 22 step 8.4: Hang the door
Page 23 step 8.5: Fix the door stop
Page 25 step 9: Prepare for the greenhouse film
Page 26 step 10: Wrap the roof
Page 27 step 11: Fix the gable cap and wall battens
Page 28 step 12: Cover the back wall
Page 29-31 step 13: The roof vent
Page 32 Materials you will need
Page 33 A couple of pictures
Page 34 Tips and tricks
Page 35 Copyright / Disclaimer / The author

Materials you will need:

Lumber for the frame
Cut all the frame members out of the following lengths
• 4×4 (100x100mm) lumber: 2 @ 8ft (2400mm), 2 @ 6ft (1800mm)
• 2×4 (50x100mm) lumber: 16 @ 8ft (2400mm), 4 @ 6ft (1800mm)
• 2×2 (50x50mm) lumber: 3 @ 8ft (2400mm), 17 @ 6ft (1800mm)

• 1×6 (25x150mm) boards: 41 @ 8ft (2400mm)
• 1×2 (25x50mm) battens: 36 @ 8ft (2400mm)
• 1/2″ (12mmm) plywood: there will be waste from a 4×8 (1200x2400mm) sht
• Lattice strip or similar 90ft (27m) overall

Floor (optional)
• 2×3 (50x75mm) lumber: 4 @ 8ft (2400mm)
• 1×6 (25x150mm) boards: 15 @ 6ft (2400mm)

• 2×4 (50x100mm) lumber: 2 @ 8ft (2400mm), 2 @ 6ft (1800mm)
• 1×6 (25x150mm) boards: 6 @ 6ft (2400mm)
• 1×2 (25x50mm) battens: 4 @ 6ft (2400mm)

Greenhouse film
One piece 10ft (3m) wide by 14ft (4.2m) long, & one piece 7ft (2.1m) x 6ft (1.8m) for the back wall. Allows for overhang.

Hardware for all above
The fixings listed below is a guide that should get you through the job.
Screws: galvanised bugle head batten screws or construction screws. 120 @ 3″ (75mm), 20 @ 4″ (100mm), 60 @ 6″ (150mm).
For base, frame, and floor.

Nails – galvanised flat head: 1.1lb (1/2kg) @ 2″ (50mm), 2.2lb (1kg) @ 2-1/2″ (60mm), 2.2lb (1kg) @ 3″ (75mm), 2.2lb (1kg) @ 3-1/2″ (90mm).

Also: 3 only 6″ (150mm) ‘T’ hinges (for door), 2 only door bolt, 2 only 3″ (75mm) butt hinges (for roof vent), 1 only stay (for roof vent).

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