Skilled social media / marketing specialist wanted

I am currently looking for a skilled and experienced social media/marketing specialist to join me at my online shop ( https://leskenny.com/lk2/shop/ ) to promote my digital woodworking plans. ...
I want someone to completely take over the promotional role, so I can concentrate solely on the authoring side of things – that’s what I do best.
Remuneration will be 50% of all online shop profits, ongoing. ...
The profit percentage per item is very high as the items are digital downloads sold automatically, 24/7.
Because the shop is new, total profit will be split 50/50. There is no pre-existing contractual agreement to sort out, keeping things simple.
The shop is user-friendly, with a seamless check-out experience. ...
I have developed a smooth, user-friendly journey through to check-out, and I continually make improvements.
The products (downloadable woodworking plans authored by me) are written for a worldwide audience, using both Imperial and Metric dimensions. The plans are hugely popular and repeatedly attract 5-star user ratings. ...
My latest plans are also listed on my Etsy Shop; visit Etsy.com/shop/LesKenny to view the 5-star ratings and positive user comments.
Join me at ground level and help develop a potentially highly lucrative online business.
The shop is new, loaded, and ready to go. ...
I have devoted considerable time building my shop at leskenny.com/lk2/shop/ populating it with my latest works and testing as I go.
Now is the time to get it out there via savvy promotion, from someone like you.
The shop also incorporates an affiliate program - ready to go now. ...
With the right promotion this has the capacity to become a high-level income stream.
About me and my work:
I author woodworking plans and projects online. ...
I have done this for over 20 years now, with 18 of those spent successfully operating the online venture www.buildeazy.com, which I sold in 2019 to a French company that still uses my name on the website, by agreement.
In short, my name has been out there for many years, I know my stuff and have a great online reputation.
All the plans in my new shop leskenny.com/lk2/shop are my latest works created by me exclusively since the sale of Buildeazy.
I really enjoy doing projects and authoring woodwork plans. I have some great plans coming up.

Please email me with your detailed expression of interest:


I look forward to hearing from you

Les Kenny

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